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About the Loma Prieta Museum

Mission Statement

The Loma Prieta Museum's mission is to gather, protect and preserve the abundant history of the Santa Cruz Mountains and provide educational opportunities for our local schools, our community and all visitors to the mountains. This history includes but is not limited to natural history, the history of native peoples, pioneers and settlers, farming, lumbering, railroads, stagecoach routes, hotels, general stores, churches, and schools of the Loma Prieta area and the greater Santa Cruz Mountains.

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About Us

The Loma Prieta Museum is a community resource for anyone who wants to learn about the generations of people who have lived in these mountains, both famous and forgotten. We hope to create as full and complete a picture of mountain history as is possible by sharing artifacts, historical documents, and stories about the Loma Prieta area.

To that end, we will be working with representatives of native peoples of this area and local historians to share not only the well-known stories and legends of the Santa Cruz Mountains, but also the less well-known stories of those people who have been historically ignored.


Until we have a building this website will be the central hub for museum activity.

If you feel this is a worthwhile endeavor, please consider donating to the museum.

If you or anyone you know have a historical perspective, information, or artifacts you’d like to share, please contact us here.

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