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Horse Stall Portrait

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Bear Creek Stables

Bear Creek Stables has been a valuable hub for horse lovers in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over 100 years. They offer all types of equestrian services such as horse boarding and riding programs for the community. The facility is currently under the management of Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space District who is signaling the possible clusure of this beloved local resource. The Loma Prieta Museum stands with the area's equestrian community in asking that MIDPEN preserve the historical Bear Creek Stables to retain its heritage and to continue serving our region..

July 2nd

Meet Garth von Ahnen.jpg

Happy Birthday!

Garth is a portrait painter, book illustrator, and animator living in a cabin on Old Santa Cruz Highway. He has a bachelor’s degree in Art with a focus on printmaking from UCSC and a minor in astrophysics. Garth helps maintain the Loma Prieta Museum website and plans to help design and build displays and dioramas for our museum once a physical location is established. Garth also co-hosts the Least Haunted Podcast and has three cats.

May 9th

Meet Claire Brubaker

Happy Birthday!

Claire Brubaker has lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her family for three years where she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, reading, and spending time with the family and her dog. She believes it is important to offer local history stories to the public in order to preserve culture and provide an understanding of the local people, resources and economy. She has worked in finance for over 10 years and is currently working as a Corporate Controller in the valley. Claire is the Loma Prieta Museum Board Treasurer.

History of the SC Mountain Schools

By Debra Staab

History of SC Mountain Schools.jpg

California became a state in 1850, and less than two years later on May 13, 1852, the state designated 500,000 acres of public land for the express purpose of creating a public school system. There were restrictions—the land had to be public, it could not be part of either a Spanish or Mexican land grant, it could not hold any significant mineral value, and the size could not exceed 640 acres. Prices were as low as $1.25 per acre. In California the Land Claims Commission struggled to interpret the parcel boundaries assigned by Spain and Mexico as written in Spanish nearly a century earlier. Many pioneers purchased school land warrants only to later learn that their property was located on a land grant. When this happened, the land owner would be given public land of equal value in a different location, a practice known as “floating the warrant”. Because there were no requirements to build a school on the property, many purchased the cheap land for speculation purposes and resold it at a profit.

The Scott House

By Debra Staab

On a recent crisp but sunny spring day several members of the Loma Prieta Museum met at the Scott House in Scotts Valley. The group was there for a private tour of the Scott House given by Jay Topping, curator and local historian. Amongst the group were other well-known local historians including William Wulf, Stephen Payne, and Deborah Muth, author of the book Images of America—Scotts Valley. The Scott House was originally built in 1853 by Hiram Scott near the location of Scotts Valley Drive and the Bank of America. It was moved around 1936 to make way for a wider roadway. Today the house is run by the Scotts Valley Historical Society and serves as a community museum. The house is listed as a Santa Cruz County Historical Trust Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The city of Scotts Valley was incorporated in 1966. Hiram Daniel Scott landed in Santa Cruz in 1846 after jumping ship in Monterey. Scott was a sailor and shipbuilder from Maine and used his skills to start a local shipbuilding business. In 1849, when news of gold in the Sierras arrived, Scott left the area and joined the mob of miners. Unlike most, Scott was lucky and made enough money to build a hotel and run a river ferry in Stockton for a few years.

The Scott House LPM.jpg

Jay Topping, Deb Staab, Erik Waage, Karla Harrington, Bull Wulf, Max, Karl von Ahnen

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